Take Academics Seriously

Most girls basketball players think that they must only be good on the court to get a scholarship. That is not completely true. You have to take care of business in the classroom. One of the first questions college coaches ask about the player is “how are her grades?” If you do not make decent grades, you can not get admitted into the college. If you do not have admission into the school, how can you play basketball for the school? It is very important to make good grades.

Continuously Work On Your Game

Now that we got the so often dreaded academic information out the way, let us talk about how you must work on your development. Watch college basketball games and seriously evaluate your performance as a player compared to the college players. If your skills are near the level of the players, that is great. Now go get better. If your skills is not currently at that level, that is ok too. Now go get better. Get the point. Work on getting better continuously. College basketball is serious. And you must take it serious.

Play In Front Of College Coaches

You never know what skills a college coach is looking to add to their team. To increase your changes of scholarship offers, increase the times you play in front of college coaches. Just playing your high school schedule is not enough to get the attention of college coaches. You must play at tournaments that college coaches are in attendance at.

My name is Patosha Jeffery. I’ve been involved in basketball as a player, coach and trainer since 1987. My skills were good enough to get me a full basketball scholarship to the University of Memphis. I’ve coached several young ladies that’s earned basketball scholarships themselves to schools like the University of Colorado, University of Florida, Southern Mississippi, Ole Miss, Arkansas State and Florida A&M to name a few. I am a Certified Fitness Trainer and Specialist in Sports Conditioning.

My philosophies are” To Add Value to Others through Inspiration and Participation” and “To Mentor Young Ladies through the Process of Excelling in Basketball”.

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