By Irfan Nugroho
Since Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009, I have become an uncle for a boy whose name, you know, Ahmadinejad. Hence, since that time, Ahmadinejad is my nephew.

A wife of my brother-in-law gave birth to a baby on Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009. Due yesterday (08/6/2009), he hadn’t give the baby a name yet. When I came to his house, he asked me, “How about Ahmadinejad?”

“Oh, my ghost! Where did you get that name?” I said.

“Just appear on my mind. I’m so much inspired with him (Ahmadinejad of Islamic Republic of Iran),” he said.

“Yes, that’s a good name,” I tried to ensure him.

Indeed, we all surely want to give the best name for our kids. And even though I don’t really know about Ahmadinejad, I do believe that my brother-in-law put humble wish beyond that name.

So I tried to surf the Google for “Ahmadinejad.” Here is a brief summary about Mahmoud Ahmadinejad:

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was born on October 28, 1956. He is the sixth and the current president of Islamic Republic of Iran. He chaired the presidency of Iran after winning the 2005 presidential election. One unique feature beyond his presidency is that of he is not an Islamic scholar.

Since Iran suffered from Iranian Revolution in 1979, some might know that Islamic Republic of Iran used to be headed by Islamic scholars. Taken for example, Ali Khamenei, Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, and Mohammad Khatami.

No matter what, Ahmadinejad’s student activisms were full of Islamic colours. In 1975, he was arrested for accused of involving in the Islamic Revolution under the command of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.

By 1979, along with the successful Iranian Revolution, he was appointed a representative of Office for Strengthening of Unity Between Universities and Theological Seminaries, later known as OSU. The OSU was organized by Ayatollah Mohammad Beheshti, one of Khomeini’s top advisers.

Still in 1979, while many of his colleagues took part in seizing the US Embassy, Ahmadinejad abstained from it. He argues that the protest ought to be directed at the Soviet embassy. Indeed, many friends of him attempted to seize the US embassy without any endorsement from Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. That was why he did not want to take part in that action.

And when one says the name “Ahmadinejad,” some of us then might recall about Ahmadinejad’s strong denial towards Israel. Even you’ll find a comprehensive article on “Ahmadinejad and Israel” on Here are a brief summary of the article.

In 2005, AHmadinejad delivered his unforgettable speech entitled “Israel Must be Wiped off Map!” The speech was dated on October 26th, 2005 and published by an English-language subsidiary of the state-controlled Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, IRIB News.

Our dear Imam (referring to Ayatollah Khomeini) said that the occupying regime must be wiped off the map and this was a very wise statement. We cannot compromise over the issue of Palestine. Is it possible to create a new front in the heart of an old front. This would be a defeat and whoever accepts the legitimacy of this regime has in fact, signed the defeat of the Islamic world. Our dear Imam targeted the heart of the world oppressor in his struggle, meaning the occupying regime. I have no doubt that the new wave that has started in Palestine, and we witness it in the Islamic world too, will eliminate this disgraceful stain from the Islamic world.

Well, the speech attracted many reactions from the western world. Some backed the speech, but some others not. Canada’s Prime Minister, for example, viewed the speech a call for genocide, “This threat to Israel’s existence, this call for genocide coupled with Iran’s obvious nuclear ambitions is a matter that the world cannot ignore.

In 2007, more than one hundred members of the United States House of Representatives co-sponsored a bill, “Calling on the United Nations Security Council to charge Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad with violating the 1948 Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide and the United Nations Charter because of his calls for the destruction of the State of Israel.”

So how do you personally view the speech? Give your answer on the commentary form!

Finally, many controversies are around the figure Ahmadinejad. Likewise, many good deeds can be taken from him. For me personally, he is a good leader. And I keep imagining about Indonesian leader would be like him.

No more depending on the western world because we could stand on our feet. That’s a simple learning I can learn from Islamic Republic of Iran.

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