September 11th, 2010, a Pastor of a small church in Florida decided to
shelve his intention of holding the ‘International Burn A Quran Day’
after massive pressure from the Muslim Ummah. Even matter, some high-top
country officials like Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono – president of
Indonesia – and Barrack Obama – president of the US – urged the immoral
event cancelled.

While the public’s attention was shifted to mere ‘drunk sincerity’ of
those country chiefs, some conservative Christians had deliberately
shredded, burnt, and thrown a number of Qurans on the same day as Pastor
Terry Jones put back his intention to hold Burn A Quran Day. Cameras of
international papers caught the immoral event that was held in front of
the White House – the US’s symbol of democratic arrogance. Names of the
enthusiasts had been recorded by the local police, but no real action
was taken.

On the same day, the US President Barrack Obama, at a commemoration of
911 – once again – lied to the international public that the US invasion
to Afghanistan and Iraq is not about ‘war against Islam’ but against
the Al-Qaida – a group of Jihadi movement, in which he calls ‘a group of
people misguiding religious teachings.’

Indeed, isytihadi operation (operation of looking for martyrdom) pointed
at the World Trade Center (WTC) and the Pentagon is an important stage
in the history of Islamic movement and the spread of Islam. For that
reason, though the 911 has been nine years long ago, the US does not
loosen its efforts to use the 911 as the best ingredient to extinguish
the light (religion) of Allah. It is true when Allah says,

“They want to extinguish the light (religion) of Allah by their mouths,
and Allah – on the other hand – makes perfect His light even though
disbelievers hate it” (Surah Ash-Shaff [61]: 8).

The above Ayah has two clauses within, and doubtlessly we can easily see
the evidences of the first clause. Even matter, mainstream media like
the BBC, CNN, and other Jew’s news companies has found it easy to ‘cook’
the ‘ingredient’ of 911 in efforts to extinguish the light of Allah.

However, as Muslim who believe in the truthfulness of Quran, have we
tried to prove the rightness of the second clause of the above Ayah
saying, “…And Allah – on the other hand – makes perfect His light even
though disbelievers hate it”?

Facts behind the 911 and Burn A Quran Day
There is an interesting fact behind the Isytihadi Operation launched at
the WTC and the Pentagon nine years ago. While the Western Kuffar media
pointed their fingers at Islam as the onset of the attack, there were
more that 24.000 Americans who converted to Islam only in two months
after the attack. So, it is quite true that Allah has fulfilled His
promise to ‘make perfect His light’ when the enemies of Allah ‘tries to
extinguish the light of Allah.’

The same fact could also be possibly found along Mr Terry Jones’s intention to hold Burn A Quran Day. How come? Here is!

Logically, those who were going to participate in that event willy-nilly
had to buy the Quran in order to satisfy their hatred of Islam at the
event. From this, it is possible that they would read the Quran first –
whether incidentally oor deliberately – and from that we prayed that
Allah would open up those people’s hearts and they will receive the
truth of Islam before finally they convert to Islam.

An online forum at has reported that a Pastor of St.
Luke Prebyterian Church in California, Los Angeles was about to hold an
event he named ‘Learn the Quran Day’ as counterbalance to Mr Terry
Jones’s event. The Pastor then invited some other pastors and Jewish
Rabbis to participate at the event; and therefore he got numerous
protests from his congregation.

There were more interesting facts about the Burn A Quran Day that proves
the truth of Allah’s promise. An enthusiast of the event, Mr John
Cleaver, admitted that he bought Hindus Holy Book that he thought it was
Quran. “It looked like the Quran to me” and thus he burnt it up. Some
other participants said that they burnt the Arabic translations of
Bible, Goosebumps, and even Twilight the novel.

Help the Religion of Allah & Keep Offering Dua
But, after looking at the above facts and we should not stand still,
doing nothing when at the same time, the enemies of Islam take action in
taming the light of Islam. It should be noted that Allah did not give
His ‘Hidayah’ guidance to all participants of the Burn the Quran Day. It
is enough for us the Muslims to look at the figure of the Prophet
Muhammad’s uncle Abu Thalib who refused to embrace Islam even though he
knew very well that Islam is the only true religion.

Finally, we have come to ‘what to do’ in response to the Kuffars’
propaganda against Islam. Let’s help the religion of Allah. It is enough
for us the Muslims to read and obey the below Ayah taken from the Surah
Muhammad saying:

“O you who believe, if you help the religion of Allah, and therefore
Allah will help you and firm your stance” (Surah Muhammad: 7).

In this discussion, we the Muslims can do so many things to help the
religion of Allah. A student of science should be able to reveal the
truth of Quranic verses when they are related to the science. A teacher
should be a good example for his/her peers. A richman should pay the
Zakat to the poorer or to the Mujahideen fighting in the path of Allah. A
journalist should then try to counterbalance the Western’s propaganda.
The main point is that all what we do on earth should be based on the
intention to struggle for the glory of Islam.

One of the most effective ways to help the religion Islam – besides the
battle against the Kuffar in the frame of Jihad in the path of Allah –
is dua. Dua (prayer) is the greatest Muslim’s power when they are unable
to face all the suffering in the world.

It is enough for us the Muslims to see on the fact on the War of Badr.
At that time, the Muslim soldiers were at 313 people and the enemy’s at
1300 people. Just before the war began, the Prophet Muhammad had a
prayer to Allah asking for His help to the Muslims and it was proven
that Allah gave the victory to the Muslim soldiers.

We should now, finally, keep our dua for the glory of Islam and the
Muslims upon other religions and the enemies of Islam. We should keep
praying after we have poured down all of our abilities to carry out the
previous efforts. A Muslim should follow his/her effort with dua as well
as following his/her dua with real effort. Keep praying for the glory
of Islam after carrying out all the best we can do and hopefully ‘Allah
makes perfect His light (religion) even though the disbelievers hate