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By Irfan Nugroho
Nothing I could say except alhamdulila, Allahu akbar,
finally Hamas and the “true people” appeared to be the winner over the
real terrorist Israel. More than 1,000 the “true Gazans people” were
destroyed, but it doesn’t mean that the Gazans were defeated mentally.

told by BBC, anonymous Israeli official said, “We didn’t set out to
control Gaza, we don’t want to remain in Gaza and we intend on leaving
Gaza as quickly as possible.”
BBC added that the withdrawal would be completed before Obama’s
inauguration as the 44th president of the United States of America.

of the truth’s victory also came out of a statement from Hamas leader,
Khaled Meshaal. “Today is the beginning of the victory, and everything
would be completed with the full victory,” he said on the phone on a
small conversation with Ahmadinejad of Iran.

Yes, it’s true that
all the truth will never fade. Out of the speculation that Israel
surrendered since Bush’s relinquishment, this is evidence of Allah’s
With the number
of prayer from people over the globe, pressure from either western or
eastern countries, I want to say that Israel is not brave enough to
prolong its attack just because they realize that Hamas will never stop.

do really certain that the call for jeehad as stated by Osama bin Laden
has pulled down heavily the brave and mentality of Israel. As we know,
jeehad movement in Iraq and Afghanistan, which are under command of
Osama and Al Qaeda, have successfully damaged the US economy and

As Osama’s remarks, there are two choices for the US;
first, suffering from economic downturn if continues the war, and
drowning in a military defeat if withdraws its troops from those two

So I would like to say that this is the truth will
never fade. I am sure that what Hamas have done so far is the right
thing, though more than 1,000 should be the victims. So I also want to
say that this is both military and mental victories, either for Hamas
and all the “true people.”