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An Uighur woman is hit as she protest against mass arrests since Sunday’s Bloody Riot
Photo: News.Sky.com
By Irfan Nugroho
July 5th, 2009, 156 people dead and more than 800 others injured as a
protest turned violent in the city of Urumqi, China’s restive western
region of Xinjiang. Authorities arrested 1,434 people in connection with
the Sunday bloody protest.
BBC News reported that the 156 death toll were mostly Han Chinese
ethnic brutally attacked by Uighur Muslims, but truly, the majority of
those killed were of Uighur Muslim ethnic attacked by the China’s Armed
Xinjiang government blamed World Uyghur Congress (WUC) based in Munich
for orchestrating the bloody protest, but truly, the clashes emerged
from mounting ethnic tensions between Uighur Muslims and Han Chinese
ethnics actually.
the protest was the lack of serious pursuit of justice from the Chinese
government over the murder of two Uighur workers by Han Chinese at a
toy factory in southern Guangdong Province last month.
Muslim ethnic is the largest community in Xinjiang, but the Beijing
authorities have given overwhelming privileges to a minority Han Chinese
ethnic. Han Chinese migrants take Uighur Muslims’ jobs and autonomy as
well as prohibit the teaching in Uighur’s Turkish language, and Islamic
practices there.
July 2008, five imams were arrested and sentenced to five years in jail
just because of organizing the pilgrimage to Mecca and spreading
“illegal” copy of the Quran during the trial processes.
the same time, Aksu authorities destroyed a mosque just because the
mosque’s management did not want to display any poster supporting the
Beijing Olympic Games. It went on amidst the growing protest from the
international world.
weeks before the Beijing Olympic Games, September 2008, the Chinese
government issued a policy of eradicating any Islamic symbol in the
province of Henkyanj. Every two days, Chinese officials patrolled the
province just to seek any disobedience, and of course, the target was
the Muslim.
October 2008 after the Beijing Olympic Games, the Chinese government
restricted the Muslim people from practicing Islamic prayers in public
places. Private pilgrimage to Mecca was not allowed as well as private
teaching of reading the Quran. And worse, those Muslim people working in
governmental offices were not allowed to have fasting in the Ramadhan
China’s Xinjiang has now turned to riot. Following the Sunday bloody
protest, today, Tuesday (07/6/2009), about 200 ethnic Uighurs – mostly
elderly women or women with children – poured down to street, demanding
for release of their relatives that had been arbitrarily arrested.
Uighurs had ceased the protest today, hundreds of Han Chinese marched
through the streets of Urumqi, smashing shops and stalls belonging to
is an old song. The majority of Muslim community gets discriminated
from the government. In the case of Islam in China, the above facts are
hopefully enough to say that China has treated the Uighur Muslim
lack of serious pursuit of justice over the murder of Uighur workers a
month ago is the onset of the Sunday bloody protest. The Uighurs’
peaceful protest turned violent and left 156 people dead as police fired
indiscriminately on protesters.
Here is an account of an Uighur currently living in Vancouver, Canada (taken from the BBC):

am a Uighur currently living in Vancouver, Canada. My cousin, who is in
Urumqi, witnessed the brutal oppression of the Uighur protests by the
Chinese are censoring all the information and trying to cover up the
truth. They have blocked most mobile and internet services. So me and my
cousin communicated through MSN messenger.
My cousin won’t be in Urumqi for too long because he is being pressured by the Chinese to leave the country.
what he told me, the military oppression of the peaceful protest really
is the largest since the Tiananmen crackdown. The Chinese sent out
soldiers with machine guns, police vehicles and tanks – yes, tanks! The
police fired indiscriminately on the peaceful protesters, and scores of
people died as a result.
Uighurs were angry over ethnic violence last month in the city of
Shaoguan in southern Guangdong province, when Han Chinese beat and
killed Uighur workers.
people are in a great need of help and we ask the international
community to condemn China’s killing of innocent Uighurs, the
assimilation of the Uighur people and the discrimination Uighur people
suffer by the Chinese.
Uighurs have no freedom whatsoever, living under the strict, brutal rule of communist China.