By Irfan Nugroho
Actually, I began to love this song last year, when I was still working as an Indonesian-English translator. Indeed, I fell in love to this song soon after listening to another Red Hot’s great song, Snow (Hey Oh).

I tried to browse YouTube for the official video of this song, but unfortunately, YouTube has no longer published official video from any band. What a fortunate, I got a useful video to make this review – that is the video of Red Hot’s Tell Me Baby the making.

This song is about people coming from everywhere to get into show business. In order to reach thier dreams, many take part in audition to be a rock star, to be an actor/actress, or to be a model.

“This song is about people coming to Hollywod to find their places in show business…” Anthony Kiedis said on the video.

They come from every state to find
Some dreams were meant to be declined
Tell the man what did you have in mind
What have you come to do

As the video shows, some people are making themselves in an audition, in which they must perform Red Hot’s Tell Me Baby. This is one that I love from the video. It used, apparently, simple screening technique but it has an outstanding concept.

However, it does not meant that Red Hot wants people to do everything to get into the show business. Looking at the second part of the lyric, Red Hot wants people not to ‘turn water into wine,’ which means do not ever be another person that is not you.

Likewise, this also means ‘never think of getting your dream by getting into show business’ because show business is where people have fun.

On the beginning of the video, Anthony Kiedis said, “I have no dreams, therefore whatever happens is OK. I didn’t really get into this to fulfill my dream. I just get into it to have fun all the time.”

There have been so many musicians get into frustrated when they have become famous because they set their dream in show business. That is why; Anthony admitted he has no dream and do all the things in show business to have fun.

Many friends of mine ‘turn water into wine’ when they have been in show business. Some become very arrogant while the others forget their friends in infamous.

And this is what Red Hot want to tell to its fans through the video. Though the video shows about audition, it does not mean Red Hot want its people to take part in audition in order to get into show business.

Red Hot wants the contrary. Red Hot wants its fans not to take part in audition because audition as shown on the video does not represent one’s real talent. Taking part in an audition means getting into show business a dream.

To Chad Smith and Anthony Kiedis, “Smart band has no audition,” as said on the video. This means that getting into show business cannot be achieved instantly like American Idols or any other audition.

Therefore, struggle to get into show business demands hard works and therefore ‘smart band has no audition.’