No Chairs and Tables for Five Years of Study

By Irfan Nugroho
Too much desperate to read a report of Kompas.com titled “Alamaak…Lima Tahun Belajar Tanpa Meja dan Kursi!” (Oh my ghost… Five years of study with no chairs and tables).

Sixty elementary students at SDN II Karang Bahagia, Bekasi District, West Java, have been running teaching and learning activities with no chairs and tables on classrooms for five years. They learn the school’s lessons while sitting crossed-leg.

The above situation is on the contrary to the school’s name Karang Bahagia, loosely translated into the “Coral of Happiness.” It gets even worse when we take a look at the school’s locations in the heart of Bekasi District.

Education in Indonesia gets never be away from problems. Only at the beginning of Soeharto’s New Order regime did Indonesia’s education find its heyday. The history notes that in the 1970s, Indonesia sent a number of teachers to Malaysia, just to “teach” the Malaysia that was going to grab Independence from the British colonials.

However, the situation got worse from time by time, peaked in 1998 when Indonesia was suffering from terrible economic downturn. Since that time, Soeharto’s regime found its ruin.

The Reform Era sounded hope for better education in Indonesia. And it comes true when the government sets 20% of the State Budget and 20% of the Regional Budget for education sector.

In 2008, the national budget for education is estimated at IDR 154,2 billions while in 2009 at IDR 224 billions. The amount is twice from the last two year, when the State Budget for education was only IDR 78,5 billions.

Then, why does such an “unlucky fate” of Indonesia’s education still persist? Amidst the massive campaign on free education by the Indonesian government, such a terrible situation should be questioned.

Well, financial improvement is not enough to build strong Indonesian people based on the strong educational foundation. There should be another key, transparent governance system that can control the use of the huge budget.

With the big amount of money allotted for education sector, chances for corruption get higher and bigger. Even when the education budget was still in low, the corruption numbers at this sector were also high.

For that reason, there is a need to build a transparent governance system aimed at controlling the use of education budget. Indonesian government has Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK).

But, KPK has not touched this sector yet amidst its active movements to decrease the number of corruption in some sectors in Indonesia.

Corruption alone can actually be prevented if only Indonesia’s education system emphasizes on how to create the Indonesian people who are diligent, religious, social dedicative, and clean from corruption.

Unfortunately, Indonesia’s education system is not able yet to create such “utopist” people. Worse, KPK’s efforts to eradicate corruption are still far from perfect. Therefore, such an “unlucky fate” of the sixty students above, and Indonesia’s education generally, will keep high.

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Irfan Nugroho

Guru TPA di masjid kampung. Tukang sapu lantai masjid. Tukang menyuguhkan minuman kepada jamaah pengajian. Mengajar di Pondok Pesantren Tahfizhul Quran At-Taqwa Nguter Sukoharjo.

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  1. Corruption alone can actually be prevented if only Indonesia’s education system emphasizes on how to create the Indonesian people who are diligent, religious, social dedicative, and clean from corruption.Unfortunately, Indonesia’s education system is not able yet to create such “utopist” people. Worse, KPK’s efforts to eradicate corruption are still far from perfect. Therefore, such an “unlucky fate” of the sixty students above, and Indonesia's education generally, will keep high.

  2. @ Genial: Indeed, it's been about a month Indonesia commemorate National Education Day. Unfortunately, that was only a day, nothing special from it. That was only celebrated routinely with no effort in term of education betterment. 🙂

  3. Hello.. I have just changed the color. I was feeling like a more serious color :)It also is something nice for all of my very loyal bloggers that pop in all of the time.Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.

  4. Iam so sorry fren because Iam late comment for you… bxoz Iam buzy for this moment… yeah maklum !!!But I will give you something commment, yes sure !!Yes you writing is good with ideal spelling … can you teach me how to learn english ? I like your post…. keep moving men…

  5. sedih banget ya aku bacanya. Negeri yang kaya raya, tongkat kayu bisa jadi tanaman, tapi bangun sekolah kok ya gak bisa ya!!!! wah sedih, sedih banget. Posting yang keren bro. Trims kawan.

  6. @ Dorothy: Yes, your blog's new colour appears to be more serious. I like it!@ danang: (That should be “mess” instead of “mesh” hehehe) Yes Danang! I Know you're Indonesian as well as me. All Indonesians know such a terrible situation but our government does only make few efforts to fix them.@ berita unik: Yes my friend! That happens in Bekasi, one of the biggest places in Indonesia. Unfortunately, such a terrible education situation happens in a big city :(@ Turkey: Waalaikumsalam ya akhi… I'm doing fine. Well, how about Turkey? Wish everything is fine there :)@ Kontes NOthing Impossible: Oh, nevermind. I know you're a good commentator. Well, not at all, I'm still learning as well as you. All we must do is just keep learning and learning. Thank you my friend :)@ arkasala: Hm, ya gitu lah Pak! Kita orang kecil dengan dana yang sangat minimal dan juga kekuatan yang terbatas harus terus berjuang keras. SEdang pemerintah dengan anggaran segede itu justru …….@ shiela: Wish your prayer shiela. Let's fight againsts poverty !

  7. This represent fact of our nation. When this nation will go forward?NB:Biasalah sobat, aku masih suka blogging. Soalnya daripada nglamun ga da kerjaan mendingan berwara-wiri di dunia luna maya, hehe…

  8. sedih bacanya…yg disana apakah tidak tahu hal ini? atau pura2 tidak tahu? kemana anggaran pendidikan selama ini?salut sama mereka yang tetap giat belajar dgn segala keterbatasan sarana dan prasarana.

  9. salam. makash dah berkunjung n comment. Yang jelas, berpikir dan setuju poligami kan belum tentu melakukan poligami he he. artikel Anda ini sangat bagus menyampaikan realitas di lapangan. Memang banyak hal yang harus kita benahi dalam sistem pendidikan kita. Mulai anggarannya yang minim, kurikulum, struktur organisasinya dan seterusnya.

  10. Tragis banget…hal kayak gini kok masih ada aja di negara kayak kita.Katanya anggaran pendidikan dah dinaikankatanya sekolah mao digratiskankalo kayak gini emang gratis tapi minim fasilitas

  11. Hi Irfan, Thanks for droppin by my blog and leaving a comment, your always welcome to drop by if your online, no problem my friend :)Wish you and your family a lovely weekend 🙂

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  13. Anyone can give up…thats the easy way..but to hold it together when all odds are against you….now that is true inner strength :)”

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  15. So sorry, I'm late visiting back your blog. On last week, I didn't spare time for blogging, chatting. But, keep up spirit bro. Keep in touch and have a nice day…

  16. the government should give more funds for education instead of neglecting it, our future lies with the present generation, so they should be properly educated.

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