The Real Champion of Indonesian Positive Football, Persipura Jayapura: Congratulation to You…!

By Irfan Nugroho

Indonesian Super League remains some matches, but Persipura Jayapura has appeared to be the winner of this tough football competition. Salute and congratulation to you, to all the positive football you have performed during the competition.

Indonesian Super League 2008/09 is the new form of football competition in Indonesia. It modifies the former one called Liga Indonesia.

The Liga Indonesia (Indonesian League) used to decide its winner with a match at the final matches. Before the final matches, four top football teams from each groups used to compete at delapan besar (eight top teams) level. In addition, that competition was considered semi-professional.

In Indonesian Super League, there are only 18 teams competing to be the winner. There are no longer west and east groups. Those 18 teams are now required to prepare themselves fully, physically and psychologically, if they want to be the winner.

Likewise, there are no longer the Delapan Besar level and final matches. The winner can be the winner only after the one can collect the highest points than the others. Three points for victory, one for draw, and zero point for lost.

Persipura Jayapura, also nicknamed the Mutiara Hitam, a football team of originally from West Papua that now becomes the winner of Indonesian Super League this season. They scored the highest points than the others; they never suffered from lost at home matches; and they recorded the highest away-matches points so far.

What amazing fact. They are the real champions of Indonesian football now. They have the best football players with highly rated football skills. They also have almost the same quality of either its starting-eleven or the substitution teams.

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Jandry Pitoy has a constant focus at keeping his goal from any threat; but unfortunately, he was not chosen the starter at Indonesian National Team. Mr Benny Dollo, Indonesian National Team’s coach prefers Markus Horison of PSMS Medan to him.

Ricardo Salampesy, Bio Paulin, Victor Igbonefo, and Jet Comboy are the best defending soldiers. They’re also active in creating an attacking scheme without leaving behind their main duties.

The midfielders, David Da Roca, Eduard Ivakdalam and Imanuel Wanggai, are best at their roles. Wanggai has fit power to run everywhere just to block the enemy’s attacking scheme, and his dribbling skill is pretty much worthy. David Da Roca is active in attacking from the left wing, supporting the left-winged striker. And the figure Eduard Ivakdalam is the most highly respected player amongst the others. He is the great motivator for Persipura players. Not only is he the oldest player, but his characteristic has strong charisma; thus influences his teammates. Indeed, he is a good captain of Persipura Jayapura.

The best strikers, Boaz Saloza, Beto Goncalvez, and Jeremiah are the best combination. Boaz and Beto have impressive dribbling skills that suit to Jeremiah’s duty as an executor. When Boaz gets the ball, escaping away from offside-trap, thus 75% his kick would be a goal. As well as Boaz, Beto is a cold-blood striker with very good dribble and kicks either his left or right legs. Jeremiah is likewise a good executor, but when needed, he is good at dribbling before giving an assist to Boaz or Beto.

Above all, the figure Jackson F. Tiago of Persipura’s coach, is the most influential figure at the process of bringing the Indonesian Super League Title to Jayapura, West Papua Province, Indonesia. At his time of being football player, he was good at dribble and execution. He had ever brought Indonesian League Title two times as a football player; that of when he played for Petrokimia Putra Gresik and Persebaya Surabaya.

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Today (05/17/2009), those who watched a super big matches between Persija Jakarta versus Persipura Jayapura witness that Persipura is rightly entitled the real champion of Indonesian football. They defeated Persija Jakarta 3-1; two goals were scored by Boaz and one by Jeremiah.

Pretty entertaining Indonesian football matches just because Persipura Jayapura is an acute addict of positive football. All players run everywhere; work very hard just to keep the pace of the success; and most importantly, they prefer attacking football to defending one.

So, congratulation to you, Persipura Jayapura! Salute to all the positive football you have performed during the Indonesian Supeleague 2008/09. I wish such a winning team would remain the same, or much more improved sure, at Asian Champions League next season. Just wait and see!

Photo: PersipuraJayapura.blogspot.com

Irfan Nugroho

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