Beautiful Moments during in the College

About 2,5 years I spent my time studying at Sebelas Maret University. And about yesterday, September 25th, 2008, some of my friends celebrate their graduation day at the University of Sebelas Maret Surakarta, Central Java. Unfortunately, though I have passed my own final exam, I couldn’t take part in that graduation day.
Happiness appeared from their faces. Now they have certainly hold Diploma’s Degree, and may embed a title “A.Md” (Ahli Madya) at the end of their name. Since knowing that sound then I remembered all the times I have spent along with them when I was in the college.

Now I am so far away from them, none of them is here, in Jogja. But, through this I wanna show you their photographs. There is no another aim except for immortalizing the times when I was along with them in happy or sorrow.

Congratulation friends….!!!!

note: friends, sorry for publishing your photographs without permission on this blog 🙂

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Irfan Nugroho

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