Welcoming Ceremony

See me the one with brown t-shirt helping a wheelchair athlete

Irfan Nugroho
The fourth day as liaison officer of the sixth ASEAN Para Games was wonderful.

It’s not because I have a lot of spare time in the morning up to the afternoon, but there was a welcoming ceremony for all the athletes participating in this event.

Yes, dated on 14th December 2011, some athletes – around 30 representative athletes from each country – took part in a long march from the Kota Barat (Western City Square) to the city hall.

This event alone was part of the torch relay that was held precisely one day prior to the opening ceremony of the Sixth ASEAN Para Games 2011.

It was wonderful and colorful, indeed. I personally would not forget this day because that was the first time for me to feel the athmosphere of being spotted by a number of people in the Solo city.

A number of mass organizations as well as cultural communities took part within; presenting their specialties and uniqueness, as part of promoting the Solo city as a must-visited tourist destination.

Nothing much to be told here, because I have not sufficient word to tell you about how I felt during that day.

The following photographs might tell you. Enjoy and feel the atmosphere…

This photo was taken by a photographer of local newspaper. Thanks for nice angle.
This photo is not mine. Thanks for the photographer, by the way.

This and the following photos are mine. Poor quality, but I hope you might enjoy it.

This child acted out the Hanoman, the white monkey.

Tired… Yes, it began at 3 PM and they had already been at the venue at 1 PM

Mr Seni Marbun, the Head of Indonesia’s National Paralympics Committee.

See how the local children were enthusiastic to welcome the event.

The Indonesia’s entourage.

The march was about to start.

This used to be functioned as the Surakarta’s Royal transport mode

Sorry for the inconvenience 🙂


They looked happy as the event finally began.

The athletes were about to start.

Volunteers of the Sixth ASEAN Para Games 2011

Pasoepati, local football team’s supporters.

As the event ended, we’re waiting for the bus to come.

Situation after the traffic jam on the Main Street of Solo City.
Situation after the traffic jam on the Main Street of Solo City.