Leading NRI entrepreneur Lord Karan Bilimoria on Friday said that Britain’s decision to allow foreign students to work for two years after their studies here would attract more Indians to the country.

“It will help attract even more Indian students to Britain. I am grateful to the UK Government for listening and acting on this matter. This move will continue to build on the extremely strong and close relationship that exists between UK and India,” Bilimoria said.

Bilimoria, who is also the Chairman of the UK-India Business Council, had constantly raised the issue in the House of Lords and sought support for this cause at the annual meetings of the UK-India Round table.

Bilimoria said he was delighted to see the policy change. “In my role as Chairman of the UK-India Business Council and UK Chair of the Indo-British Partnership I am so proud to see record numbers of Indian students studying here in Britain,” Lord Bilimoria, who is also the Chairman of Cobra Beer said.

He said Britain is proud of its world class higher education and has four of the top ten universities in the world. “It is so important that we continue to attract the best and the brightest students to our country. This change in policy will go some way to ensuring that we maintain our leading position within the global economy,” he added.